Bully Prevention: Why We Desperately Need to Invest in Home-School Partnerships
--Written by Knapp Parents/Staff

Notes & Resources shared during our 11/29/11 Internet Safety Night for Parents
Dr. Nicole Yetter (NPHS Guidance Counselor & Olweus Coach)
Mr. Ray Wilson (NPSD Safe Schools Director)
  • http://www.Netsmartz.org - gr8 resource for parents and children on Internet safety
  • 83% of teenagers who have a cell phone send texts
  • 56% of teenagers send picture texts
  • Don't send a pic that you do not want your grandmother to see
  • Video shown on how easy it is to pass along pic texts.
  • If you wouldnt say it to myface then dont say it online
  • 90% of behaviors involving police have dealt with cyber bullying.
  • Consequences at school- "Substantially disrupts" the orderly operation of the school.

*Student steps to report cyber bullying

  • Firmly ask cyber bully to stop
  • Do not respond with threats to the cyber bully
  • Have your parents contact the parents of the bully (most of time parents have no idea that cyberbullying is happening)
  • If the posts continue and are harrassing and /or threatening, you can file a complaint with an attorney or your local police dept

Social Networking Tips
  • Passwords- Keep private. Do not give to friends but do give to your parents.
  • Be very careful wht websites you visit as predators hangout in various blog site chat rooms
  • Never ever post any personal information on social networking websites
  • Great informational videos shown on "real life stories" http://www.netsmartz.org/RealLifeStories

Watch a presentation provided for parents here.

Family Watchdog website - Free service can be used to locate registered sex offenders near specified addresses. - http://www.familywatchdog.us/default.asp

- From May 2010 Home & School Meeting on Cyberbullying

- From April 2010 webinar attended by Mr. Mazza and Ms. Rubbo

Student Voices of Cyber-Bullying (Part 1/2)

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