Knapp TV
Every morning at 9:05AM, Knapp students deliver the day's announcements over the loudspeaker. However, every other Friday a different Knapp homeroom delivers the news from their respective classroom. Announcements recorded by Knapp staff members using include the typical Pledge, Birthdays & Announcements, but classes also share with the school a special project or unit their class is currently working on. Enjoy as our Knapp TV Student Stars deliver the news! Any parents wishing for their child not to be included in the news should contact the Knapp office at 215-853-1515. For past student-led episodes, visit our Youtube KnappTV pageThank you for your support as we work to provide students with opportunities to be 21st Century producers!

Teacher Flash Mob to begin the 2012-13 School Year

Buy A Pie, Make Them Cry - Market Day Fundraiser 2011


What: Throughout the year, student council members broadcast stories from around the school. Daily & important announcements are included. These leaders have the responsibility of covering some of the really cool things going on in grades K-6.

When: Students meet with Dr. Mazza on Tuesdays at lunch to brainstorm possible story options. On Wednesday at lunch, drafts of the script are presented. On Thursday morning, these stories are put into the teleprompter (Videocue Software) in preparation for taping. Tapings occur on Thursday at lunch. Parents of student reporters must provide permission for episodes to be published here on our website by THURSDAY of the broadcast week.

Audience:** On Fridays, the entire school watches the broadcast in each respective classroom. Parents & guardians are invited to enjoy the show in the school lobby television.