Digital Citizenship requires having an understanding of digital literacy, demonstrating proper digital etiquette and communication, adhering to designated digital security, practicing safe digital commerce and respecting digital law.

Below are several resources that may be used to help parents and educators better understand digital citizenship, and more importantly, better explain digital citizenship to children.

Resources for Parents & Educators

  • Internet Safety 101

Site dedicated to educating about Internet Safety

  • Digital Citizenship - Raising a Digital Child

Dr. Mike Ribble provides parents and educators an overview on the relevance of digital citizenship in our world.

  • Social Safety

A great place for parents, educators and students to learn about online safety

  • Advice for Teenagers and Parents

Caroline Knorr provides teenagers and parents important advice for being a good digital citizen

Why is Digital Citizenship Important?

This video reveals the scary truth about how much personal information is available for those who are not careful...